Menu Pages with ** means that
online payment is available.

When you do payment online, you will receive an e-mailed receipt from the Women's Council.  If you do not, please try again as your payment did not go through.

If you are still having trouble, please contact
Connie Rhoades at

Steps for Payment Via Credit Card without going
through PayPal.
1.  Go to website.
2.  Select MEMBERSHIP in the Menu Column.
3.  Click on the desired payment level (dollar amount).
4.  Shopping Cart will open.
5.  If you want a newsletter mailed to you, please
add here and in the message box, please list your birthday.
6.  Then Click on Checkout.
7.  The Shipping Address page will appear.  Please fill out.  If you would like your name and address remembered for future payments, you may check the box.  Now you are ready to pay.
8.  You may pay using PayPal, PayPal Credit, or your Credit Card.  For Credit Card payment, enter the information required and hit Pay With Card.
9.  If we were unable to process your transaction, something went wrong, and a message should pop up
to let you know.  Please try again.
10.  If your transaction was successful, you will receive an
email receipt from The Women's Council.